Who I am

Yo dawgs, wassup.
My name is Melissa Hansen

I'm from in a smallish town where i lived in a smallish house with a big family and big dreams.
I go to college in an even smaller town, but i love it.
I'm the craziest daughter to my farmer father and librarian mother,
The favorite aunt of my nieces and nephews
and friend to many.

I have a library Card, I work at BYU Sports Camps, and if i could have pizza every day, i would.
I'm a fan of BBC, licorice, Swedish fish, and fanny packs.
I also Love Harry Potter, Stargirl, Child Development, and reading Children's books.
I am unabashedly proud of the fact that i am Miss Madera South High School 2012. and that i won most spirited. I know I'm way out of high school but come on. Stallion Pride forever baby, live it.
I love playing music and singing. and dancing - even though I'm bad at it.
I try really hard to love people even when i don't like them, sometimes i fail at it.
I am grateful for my family, for my country, and my God.

In case you really want to know more about me, here is my "100 List".
or you could check out the "Rants" tab. happy creeping!

Thanks for stopping by, why don't you stay awhile?

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